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Common Questions

What is the schedule for training?

Our Annual Schedule is divided into quarters:

  1. January February March

  2. April May June

  3. July August September

  4. October November December

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How many classes are in each quarterly session?

For each quarterly session, there will be 11 weeks of instruction. (There are weeks built in to allow for holidays and inclement weather) 

You have two options :

A.  pay for 10 weeks and have a flex week to miss at anytime in the quarterly session. 

B. Pay for all 11 weeks


Where are the classes and Why are Classes Held Outside

All classes will be at public places within 20 min drive of Newton, NJ . Lists will be provided. Part of being a dog owner is taking your dog outside in all conditions. Real life conditions are the optimal way to develop real  life skills.

Click here for list of some possible locations of classes.


What is your approach to pet training?

Enjoy your dog uses a balanced approach to dog training focusing on real life skills so you can love living with your dog!

Exposure to different places, learning how to communicate consistently and properly are the foundation to our dog training.

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