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What is a 
Pack Walk?


Groups of dog owners walk together in a structured environment giving dogs the opportunity to practice neutrality with other dogs and people.

There is no interaction between dogs.

Just as with any other training session your dogs focus is on you! 

What to Bring: High Value Treats and/or Toy, harness with a handle for parkour spotting, 

 a 6' non-flex leash, poop bags

During these walks we practice Barkour or Dog Parkour which introduces our canine to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing over, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world, helping increase confidence and overcoming fears with low impact but challenging activities. 


Dates for Summer 2024 Pack Walks 

Locations Will Be in Sussex And Northern Warren Counties

Puppies at 9am Adult Dogs Saturdays at 10 am

Saturdays May 25 & June 22, Sundays July 22 August 11

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FitDog titles were designed to provide a structured, individualized fitness plan that you and your dog can do together. Enjoy your Dog is an AKC Fit Dog Club and each pack walk counts as FItDog.
Click here for more information on FitDog titles.

Dog Parkour activitieses can also acquire titles through various organizations such as
International Dog Parkour Association



  • Dogs walk in a long line at first. By the end of the walk, some dogs bunch up together as walking buddies and some dogs just enjoy the camaraderie of the walk from a safe distance.

  • No dog introductions face-to-face

  • The key to a successful pack walk is the rhythm of the walk – as long as we’re moving things will go great! We move at a casual pace that works for most fitness levels.

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Science Behind Pack Walks

Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialize with and explore the world. As we know, many dogs are reactive to other dogs, but these dogs still have a need to get out and socialize. Pack walks satisfy this need. Dogs can safely socialize without physically interacting. Even though the dogs are not physically touching each other, they can smell and see the other dogs, which is still considered socialization.

Walking your dog is sooooo important for training, and it’s something most owners do not do enough. Fenced yards are great, but it’s not enough. Dogs need to explore and get out in the world. Even a short walk easily satisfies this need.

Walking provides the dog with a lot of mental stimulation, which most dogs are lacking. Furthermore, mental stimulation will tire out a dog a lot faster than physical stimulation (e.g. running in the back yard)

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