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Private Instruction

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Private sessions are a great way for owners to strengthen their relationship with their dogs as we guide, educate and coach you through the training process.


The first session is full of information that provides owners a deeper insight into dog behavior, what the owners are experiencing, what behaviors they are seeing and looking to work on, teach or fix, overview of the fundamentals and to offer constructive and helpful advice. 

We can start to build upon and take a unique path for each dog we work with once the fundamentals are in place.

Do you have a specific goal you would like to reach with your dog?

Whether it is traveling with your dog, therapy dog certification, getting along with a new dog, completing in a dog sport or learning how to motivate your dog to be the best companion for you. We love to problem solve and help people ENJOY THEIR DOG! 


We like to space the sessions out 2+ weeks apart so that owners have time to really work on what was covered and we are able to make progress in each session.

30 minute instruction $55/session

60 minute instruction $85/session

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