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Enjoy your dog is for people who want to improve their long term relationship with their dog.

Signing up requires a commitment of the owner

- the reward is the bond that you and your dog will share.

Suzanne Boland, founder

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Every new place or thing your dog experiences in a positive way builds their confidence and trust in their owner.

Suzanne is a passionate animal lover and the founder of Enjoy Your Dog, a company that is dedicated to strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners. With over a decade of experience in the animal care industry, and being a proud mother of four, Suzanne understands the importance of effective communication, consistent behavior, and making training a fun and enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners.


In 2010, Suzanne and her family combined their love for dogs and their desire to give back to their community by participating in raising guide dog puppies and providing them with exposure training and house manners. In 2017, Suzanne co-founded a pet sitting and dog walking business, and in 2020, she expanded her services by offering training classes for puppies to intermediate obedience levels. The focus of these classes is to build strong relationships between dogs and their owners and to effectively communicate with dogs.


Suzanne is also a certified therapy dog evaluator and, along with her two German Shepherds, Granger and Kalvin, she visits schools and libraries to promote children's literacy and provide therapy to the staff and visitors at her office. All three of Suzanne's dogs are blood donors at BluePearl Blood Bank.

Her dogs have received numerous titles, including IGP BH, AKC Rally, FASTCAT, Dock Diving (distance, hydrodash, air reteireve) , Obedience, Trick Dog Titles, and Canine Good Citizen titles, and they continue to work towards obtaining more, such as AKC and CDSP Obedience, NADAC, and USDAA Agility titles. When not training or working, Suzanne and her dogs love to explore the great outdoors and enjoy taking walks and hikes in the woods.

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