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Fight Flight or
Freeze Fido

  • Counter-conditioning and desensitization

    Change your dog's reaction to a trigger by associating it with something positive. For example, if your dog sees another dog, you can give them a treat. With consistent training, your dog will eventually look to you for a treat when they see another dog.

  • Avoid triggering situations

    Try to avoid situations that emotionally arouse your dog, like walking at night or going to a busy park.

  • Practice management

    Make sure your dog gets enough rest and sleep to unload stress. You can also try calm, slow walking.

  • Learn to read body language

    Look for subtle signs that your dog's emotions are shifting, like lip-licking or pinning back their ears. If you catch these signs, you can intervene before your dog becomes reactive.

This course consists of 6 45 minutes private lessons beginning in your home and depending on progress transitioning to public places for $449.

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