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Puppy Principles

Building a Relationship

Introducing positive reinforcement, capturing and training for good manners. Train for the basic building blocks. Teaching and entertaining your dog with foundation behaviors will capture his/her puppy energy and redirect potential mischief and learn manners.

  • Attention –leading to eye contact

  • Targeting –leading to follow you and guiding for other behaviors –see below

  • Recall/come –leading to, your puppy runs to you when you call

  • Sit & down

  • Go to place –puppy runs to a location away from you or the front door

  • Loose leash walking – puppy walks on your left side without pulling

  • Drop it & Leave it


Early socialization vaccinates your puppy against behavior problems like reactivity to other dogs, people, places, things and sounds. Without proper socialization, puppies can grow up to become fearful and reluctant to approach or be approached by unfamiliar stimuli (people, animals, things..) –some dogs may even grow to become reactive by showing fearful aggression. Not just socialization to other dogs! We will show you how to positively socialize your puppy to an array of stimuli.

  • People –children, seniors, people of all races, size

  • Animals –other dogs, cats, birds or other animals

  • Health and grooming –walking equipment, touched for grooming or examination

  • Environments –pet store, busy streets and places, crate and other confinement, car, outdoor sitting, backyard

  • Surfaces, noises and other novelty items –vacuum, blow drier, garbage can, walkers and other devices, bike cycle

*We have a small window of opportunity for socialization. The current literature indicates a window lasting up to 14 weeks to expose puppies to positive socialization. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Position on Puppy Socialization.


Introducing positive reinforcement, anticipate and manage puppy behaviors that may develop into problematic behaviors in the future. Prevent against boredom, release your puppy’s pent up energy –deter mischief.

  • Play biting and mouthing, 

  • jumping, “counter surfing” and stealing objects, 

  • chewing, 

  • independence training, 

  • resource guarding, 

  • crate training and/or proper confinement.

This course consists of 6  30-45 minute private lessons beginning in your home and depending on progress transitioning to public places for $299.

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