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"Sue is such a great person and trainer and truly cares about building the bond between owner and dog. I feel like the relationship between my dog and I has grown so much more after working with her. My dog and I have accomplished so many things with her help and I am looking forward to see what else we are going to accomplish. I couldn't ask for a better trainer and I recommend Enjoy Your Dog to anyone who is looking to better their relationship with their dog!"

I had the pleasure of working with Sue when I wanted to get my 8 week old puppy off to a good start. Her lessons were age appropriate and fun and my girl excelled under Sue's teaching. I enjoyed the training so much we continued on to the higher levels and now compete in various dog sports. Whether you want a wonderful pet or a competitive athlete I would highly recommend Enjoy Your Dog!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for always being so cheerful and enthusiastic.  I believe any dog can be taught after our experience with you.


Who would not want to feel relaxed and comfortable taking their dog anywhere? Sue takes the time and goes above and beyond during class, applying her extensive expertise and understanding of dog behavior individually. And her classes are fun for each team that attends! Enjoy Your Dog classes result in relaxed and joyful owner-dog relationships. For me, that means feeling good about taking my high-drive German Shepard along on shopping trips, fairs, crowded areas, and restaurants and loving my life with my dog. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants a positive relationship with their dog.

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